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Rackspace Announces Cloud Load Balancers For Its Clients

Rackspace hosting on Tuesday announced the introduction of cloud load balancers that are tailored to prevent incidents of overloading on its cloud infrastructure.

With this launch, the San Antonio based company will now be offering a distributed workload across a number of cloud servers in order to prevent its servers being overloaded, at the same time minimizing the response time as much as possible.

The concept of load balancing however is nothing new for the company’s managed hosting clients as well as for those who work on the virtualized slices over Rackspace Cloud.

The product line leader for the company’s Cloud platform, Josh Odom recently briefed the website 'The Register' about the trend amongst various companies in using popular open source load balancers like HAProxy, Nginx load balancers etc.

Whenever a client’s application starts overloading a server, the load balancers will play a handy role by distributing the overall load amongst a number of machines. The new offering by the company can also be utilized by facilitating a high availability for client applications so that any technical glitches on the server does not result in the entire application getting offline.

Highlighting the scope of this newly introduced feature, 700 clients of the company have already opted for the Cloud Load Balancers, just within a couple hours from its release.