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Report Predicts Tablet Sales To Reach $49 Billion By 2015

Yet another report puts fresh numbers on the plate about the constantly growing tablet market, a field that is presently led by two giants: Google and Apple. Research firm Strategy Analytics states that by 2015, tablet global revenues will reach almost $49 billion. This growth will be more significant in North America, Western Europe and Pacific Asia.

There is a mind-blowing estimation of an 800% increase in the next 4 years; resulting in a possible of 150 million units in 2015. Thus, the new-born tablet market could become the third biggest consumer electronics sector, behind PC and Televisions. There are other research firms that predict an even bigger increase; Gartner forecasting more than million pieces to be sold in 2015.

"Tablets are a high-value casual-computing segment that is creating huge growth opportunities for major brands, such as Apple and Samsung," said analyst Neil Mawston.

Apple’s iPad is the clear leader of this market and it’s thought that it will keep this position for the upcoming years. Samsung Electronics follows from behind, with its present Galaxy Tabs. There is also a software “war” going on between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. So far, Google isn’t rushing to enter the hardware business, as they seem to be content with the revenues from their well-known advertising business model.