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2010 semiconductor revenues up 24 per cent

Global semiconductor revenues are up 24 per cent to $282 billion for 2010, according to a report by market analysts at the International Data Corporation (IDC).

Much of the increase was attributed to the smartphone and tablet markets, along with automotive infotainment, laptop computers, data centre servers and wireless and wired communication infrastructure.

The Asia Pacific region ruled the roost, with a 51 per cent market share and 30 per cent revenue growth. Much of this came from China, with Japan surprisingly lagging behind, a fate that is likely to worsen in 2011's figures after the recent earthquake.

Growth in the Americas was exceptionally strong at 48 per cent.

The computing sector came out on top for semiconductor consumption with a share of 39 per cent, followed by communications at 28 per cent.

The consumer market saw growth of 13.3 per cent, primarily due to smartphones and tablets. Given the popularity of these devices and the overall low growth figure, it reveals that other consumer technology areas performed badly in 2010.

The automotive sector recovered significantly in 2010, up 39 per cent on what was a disastrous year of sharp declines in 2009.

Intel led the market with revenue of $41.9 billion, while Samsung took the second position with $27.6 billion, which gives the company an increased market share of two per cent over the year previous year. Texas Instruments, Toshiba and Hynix came in third, fourth and fifth respectively.

When the top ten companies are combined they make up a market share of 51 per cent, a six per cent increase on 2009.

IDC expects a number of issues, including the Japanese earthquake and high US unemployment and debt, to impact heavily on growth in 2011, which it predicts will come in at between six and eight per cent. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.