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Study Reveals Apple iOS Leading US Markets Over Android

After the launch of Google Android OS, most analysts pitted it directly against Apple’s iOS and viewed it as a serious competitor. However, according to a survey done by comScore, Apple iOS still has twice the reach of Google’s Android in the US mobile market.

Apple iOS is included in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices which have a combined user base of 37.9 million. This figure is about 59% higher than Android devices which currently have a user base of 23.8 million. Moreover, Apple’s share of US mobile subscribers stands at 16.2% while Android just holds 10.2% of the market share.

All the data points out to one thing i.e., Apple’s reach extends far beyond the iPhone. According to the study not all Apple users are dedicated Apple fanboys as there has been overlapping devices amongst the user base. This was found out by comScore when they found 27.3% iPad user also owned an iPhone. Moreover, many iOS users were found to simultaneously use Blackberry, Samsung, Motorola or LG phones. Overall, 14.2% iPad owners also owned Android devices.

The survey also found 27% of iPad owners to be in the age group of 25 and 34, while 20% are between 35 and 44 age bracket followed by 18 to 24 years old which comprise 15.2% of user base.