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T-Mobile Introduces Videochat Facebook App

T-Mobile has come up with a free, web-based voice chat app for Facebook users.

The application, called Bobsleds, will allow the Facebook users to make free calls from their Facebook chat window with just one click. Users can also leave voice messages with the app, and the person receiving the call does not need to have the app installed on his or her end. The application is compatible with both MACs and PCs.

According to the company, this app allows its users to make immediate, free calls to the other online Facebook users from their friend list, without requiring them to set up any special account for the purpose.

A report in the Business Insider (opens in new tab) states that the release of (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab)this new exciting app could prove to be a devastating news for Skype and other VoIP providers. Skype already offers free videochat service, but it makes money by allowing low-cost telephone calls. Giving users an alternate venue for videochat could damage the portal Skype uses for most of its sales.

Earlier, Vivox and T-Mobile conducted a survey where 88 percent of the Facebook users reportedly want to see the introduction of a voice-chat feature in the popular social networking platform.