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T-Mobile Slashes Samsung Galaxy Tab Price To £15 Per Month!

Mobile phone operator T-Mobile, in conjunction with group buying website Groupon, is selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab for £15 per month on a two year contract with an upfront cost of £15.

The deal, which is available here (opens in new tab), has already attracted more than enough buyers since it went on sale yesterday and will expire at midnight tonight. The deal represents a saving of £240, based on the monthly rate (usually £25 per month), and £34 on the upfront cost for the tablet. New customers are likely to save even more as T-Mobile would charge them extra anyway when they buy the deal direct from the site.

T-Mobile, which is now part of Everything Everywhere, promises not to charge extra for exceeding data limits (which is restricted to 500MB per month). What does that mean? Well, according to T-Mobile's T&C, you will be able to "browse and email as much as you want" but once you reach the 500MB limit, you won't be able to stream videos or upload/download files on 3G until next month, which is fair enough.

The cheapest Samsung Galaxy Tab we've seen is available at O2 for £314.32, a deal which comes with 2GB data over a month with unlimited Wi-Fi data allowance. The T-Mobile / Groupon deal comes with a total cost of of £375 for the duration of the contract which is astoundingly good.

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