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T-Mobile Slashes Samsung Galaxy Tab Price To £15 Per Month!

Mobile phone operator T-Mobile, in conjunction with group buying website Groupon, is selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab for £15 per month on a two year contract with an upfront cost of £15.

The deal, which is available here, has already attracted more than enough buyers since it went on sale yesterday and will expire at midnight tonight. The deal represents a saving of £240, based on the monthly rate (usually £25 per month), and £34 on the upfront cost for the tablet. New customers are likely to save even more as T-Mobile would charge them extra anyway when they buy the deal direct from the site.

T-Mobile, which is now part of Everything Everywhere, promises not to charge extra for exceeding data limits (which is restricted to 500MB per month). What does that mean? Well, according to T-Mobile's T&C, you will be able to "browse and email as much as you want" but once you reach the 500MB limit, you won't be able to stream videos or upload/download files on 3G until next month, which is fair enough.

The cheapest Samsung Galaxy Tab we've seen is available at O2 for £314.32, a deal which comes with 2GB data over a month with unlimited Wi-Fi data allowance. The T-Mobile / Groupon deal comes with a total cost of of £375 for the duration of the contract which is astoundingly good.