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T-Mobile's 3D Enabled G-Slate Hits The Shelves

T-Mobile's G-Slate tablets have finally arrived on retail shelves across the US. With its release, T-Mobile has become the first company to produce a 3D enabled tablet.

The official price for the device is fixed at $529 following a $100 mail-in-rebate and 2 year agreement with T-mobile.

The tablets price has been kept significantly lower than that of its rival Motorola Xoom, (which is currently available for $749) could prove to be an advantage for this new device.

The features in the G-Slate however, are roughly the same as those in its Motorola counterpart the Motorola Xoom. It is powered by the dual core Tegra 2 processor, and has an internal storage capacity of 32GB. The device is also equipped with the Android 3.0 Honeycomb, and an 8.9 inch impressive screen.

The device has been received positively so far in the market. Experts are giving it a slightly higher ranking than the Motorola Xoom in terms of performance.

“[The G-Slate] is more comfortable to hold, the G-Slate’s build of Android seems more stable,” noted Michael Oryl of TechSpot (opens in new tab), though he didn't seem to keen to wear the necessary 3D glasses that the tablets 3D effects require.