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VMware Results Indicate Net Profit Of $126 Million

The recent disclosure made by VMware about its last financial quarter results has confirmed a revenue growth for the company for the third consecutive year.

The data released by the company, alongside those made by two other tech-giants IBM and Intel also reveals a new trend amongst organisations to invest more and more in their data-centres.

The financial report by the company shows that while the revenues has hit the $844 million mark in the final three months (ending on 31/03/2011) the net income has increased by 60% hence making it almost $126 million in profits.

The reports also indicated a significant revenue growth of around 40% outside the US. The Chief Executive Officer of the company Paul Martiz said that though the company, till now relied heavily on the English speaking market, he is seeing a change in the trend for sometimes now.

Expressing his views about the company’s sales growth, Martiz said in a statement, "We believe that the IT continents really are shifting, driven by technologies like virtualisation and the cloud. The first aspect of this change is infrastructure-level transformation".

Hinting further towards an application enhancement process, he continued, “Beyond the transformation of infrastructure, we believe there is a comparable modernisation and transformation of application development".