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Website Reveals Windows 8 Features To Include Cloud Syncing

It seems that that the next version of software giant Microsoft's flagship operating system, Windows 8, will come loaded with a cloud syncing feature, if reports emerging on the Internet are to be believed.

According to a story first carried out by, the upcoming version of Windows will allows its users to seamlessly sync their files and folders with their Windows Live accounts or other cloud based services.

Rumours surrounding Windows 8 have already spread like wide fire across the Internet with reports relating to a host of new features doing rounds. Prominent amongst them include the capacity to boot the system from a USB drive and a radical update to the Windows Task Manager.

Windows 8 is also likely to sport a built in PDF reader for displaying PDF files besides coming up with reinforced disk cleanup utility which is expected to be quicker than the current version.

The upcoming operating system is also likely to boast of a simpler “system reset” option which if applied can quickly bring back the system to its default settings. In addition a number of design features like a new welcome screen, “aero auto colourisation” are in the offering.