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White iPhone 4 Disappears From Three's Listing Page

Yesterday iPhone fans in the UK had a moment of joy when UK carrier Three announced the availability of the white iPhone 4, even indicating it could be shipped within one day. The joy lasted only until today, when the carrier realised their “mistake” and unlisted the device.

This occurrence comes as a surprise, especially since we’re approaching the end of April; and the rumour was that the white iPhone 4 would be officially launched before May. It seemed weird though when we first heard about it, because there wasn’t even any official announcement from Apple management.

Three gave the following “clarification” of the event, stating: “This page is not live at the moment, it was built at the same time as the iPhone black page so that we have it ready when and should the time come to launch white. For now, it’s a hidden page that’s inactive.”

Richard Lai, from Engadget (opens in new tab), allegedly made it all the way up to an order confirmation page and then had a chat with Three’s support team. Surprisingly, not even Three's employees were sure about what was going on at that moment.

Recently, another leak was spotted, when Toshiba’s "ANT" tablet was momentarily priced for three different versions, on the Newegg website. As with the white iPhone 4, the tablet was soon removed from the page, though it stayed around long enough to be spread around the web.

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