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Wind River Establishes New Android Development Centre

Wind River has recently formed a new mobile software Research and Development Group to put more focus on the Google Android platform. With this development, many experts are also arguing the parent company of Wind River, Intel Corp. to follow its suit.

Wind River recently announced about forming a new engineering team in Stockholm, Sweden for the purpose of putting a much detailed effort in mobile technologies. The company also hired Jerry Ashford, who earlier worked for Motorola and Sun Microsystems as the General Manager of its mobile solution.

“With the fast growth of mobile technologies such as Android, OEMs are increasingly under pressure to quickly develop innovative yet industry compliant mobile devices. Customers can turn to Wind River for commercial-quality software solutions to rapidly develop high-quality products,” said Ashford (opens in new tab). “Wind River has made major strides to grow the mobile business globally. In particular, we’ve achieved strong success in China, the world’s largest mobile market.”

The flexibility shown by Wind River in its approach towards infiltrating straight into the Android market has truly impressed a lot of people.

It is not complicated to assume that to counter the ever increasing threat from Apple’s iPhone on the market; multiple companies have already tied up with Google Android, or are planning to do so in near future - Intel being a clear exception of this trend.

May be because of this reason, many experts are arguing Intel to follow the footsteps of its “child” the Wind River straight into the “Android Universe”.

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