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Yahoo Decides To Shut Down Buzz

After closing the door on GeoCities and Briefcase, Internet giant Yahoo is now aiming to shut down one of its newest and much hyped product Yahoo! Buzz.

Buzz, launched in 2008, was designed to give its users a community platform for sharing news stories. Yahoo! Buzz was supposed to be a strong competitor for other news sharing sites such as Digg and Reddit. However, this site was never able to garner the attention Digg or Reddit regularly get from internet users.

Most people argue that the popularity of Digg and Reddit are due to the anonymity they grant people who use their service. What users the service did pick up shouldn't be completely surprised. The news that Yahoo would pull the plug on Buzz was first leaked on Twitter last December by an anonymous user who also claimed that the company will also shutter services like Delicious, Picks and Bookmarks.

According to a note posted on the official Yahoo Blog, the company confirmed that it would discontinue Buzz on April 21. The post also mentioned that it was a hard decision for Yahoo to shut down Buzz but this will help the company to focus on core strengths while it attempts to return to profitability in 2011.