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Yahoo Delays Moving Ads To Microsoft's AdCenter

Internet giant Yahoo has decided to delay moving its search ads to Microsoft platform after failing to receive the boost had it expectedfrom the partnership. Yahoo had previously agreed to migrate their ads to Microsoft's adCenter by now.

According to Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz there are some technical issues surrounding Microsoft’s adCenter platform which is limiting the number of times a user clicks on ads displayed on Yahoo’s pages.

As conveyed by Bartz in a recent press conference, Microsoft will take time to achieve the expected revenue per search (RPS) from Yahoo search ads that are displayed on Microsoft’s platform. According to Bartz the RPS for Microsoft would be neutral only by the end of this year and the software company is already developing a plan to resolve the issue.

Both Yahoo and Microsoft have decided not to roll out Yahoo search ads on the Microsoft platform outside the US, though the roll out still seems to be in the plans.

The pact between both the companies was initiated by Yahoo CEO, Carol Bartz in exchange for allowing Microsoft to power search results and search advertising on Yahoo sites. Moreover, the pact also allowed Yahoo to cut cost and focus on key web properties.