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Acer Aims For Mac Mini, iMac With DX241H Web Surf Station

Acer has announced an interesting new product called the DX241H web surf station, which is a 24-inch LCD monitor that comes with internet access, although it is not clear what exactly lies within the beast.

With a suggested retail price of £299, the monitor/all-in-one computer is cheap enough to double as a secondary (or even tertiary) home computer and apparently runs on the Freescale i.MX51 system on chip which is based on ARM Cortex A8 architecture and runs at 800MHz. It means that Acer may well have combined what is essentially the brains of a smartphone into an LCD monitor.

The system is preloaded with Acer's media sharing system and uses what Acer calls the "Web Surf Station browser" to navigate the internet. A bar located at the bottom of the browser helps the user switch between functions, set the volume or return to the main menu.

Not only is the DX241H DLNA compatible, it also has a card reader as well as USB, VGA, LAN and HDMI ports. It can also access wireless networks thanks to the onboard Wi-Fi feature and has a tiny slide out keyboard that doubles as a remode control.

There has been some speculation, fuelled by a slide issued by Acer (and available on (opens in new tab)), that the device might come with Google Chrome OS, although Acer only confirmed that it used the Chrome browser.

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