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AMNews: Blackberry Playbook Slow Start, Google Adopts WebM Format, iPhone 4 Tracks Users' Movements, PSP Go Going

Canada based Research In Motion's latest offering, Playbook tablet which was touted as a competitor to Apple’s iPad is not receiving the kind of attention the makers would have otherwise wanted. The product, which was released in Canada and US, seems to have a relatively low availability in stores and even then many of the devices are still unsold.

In an effort to improve the quality of its video streaming service YouTube, search engine giant Google plans to transcode most popular videos on the site to its WebM format. Already nearly thirty percent of the site has been converted to the WebM format which incidentally uses an open compression technology and is also royalty free.

Security researchers have discovered that the iPhone 4 tracks users’ movements and saves the details of their whereabouts at regular intervals in a file on their phone, a report in The Guardian has revealed.

Technology major Oracle, has announced the release of its latest IDE (Integrated Developer Environment) named NetBeans 7.0. The release of NetBeans 7.0 has excited developers as it is designed to support Java 7, the next generation Java programming language.

PSP Go the popular handheld gaming device we all love is going to be discontinued by Sony. Speaking to Japanese site Impress Watch, Sony confirmed that it is finally set to ditch the two year old console and instead focus on upcoming Next Generation Portable (NGP) devices which are expected to be out later this year.