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Apple To Ship iPhone 5 In September?

Apple may start selling the iPhone 5 in September rather than this summer according to a report published by Reuters which cites unidentified sources.

The press outlet has provided more background information in an update to the original report, saying that none of the three sources wanted to be identified because Apple hasn't made its plans official yet.

Pushing the launch of the iPhone 5 back by nearly a quarter though, could have some consequences on the balance sheet for some of the suppliers, especially as the second quarter of the year is normally a quiet one.

The fact that production would only start in July also means that Apple's rivals might benefit from a three-month gap in the market, which will also coincides with the expiration of the contracts of many iPhone 3GS owners.

As for the main reason why Apple might delay the production of the iPhone 5, the recent earthquake in Japan seems to be the most obvious candidate, given that many vital parts and manufacturing components are produced and sourced in the country.

A potential three month delay may also give Apple enough time to improve its iOS 5 even further. We still believe that the iPhone 5 - or at least a glimpse of it - will be presented at the Apple Worldwide Developer conference.