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Cisco Alleged For Planned & Deliberate Arrest Of Executive

Cisco has found itself at the receiving end of a fresh controversy following the reports of its unethical involvement in the arrest of a former executive last year.

According to a report on The Vancouver Sun, Peter Alfred-Adekeye, the engineer who allegedly hacked into Cisco’s network system and later got arrested for the same “co-incidentally” happens to be the same person who filed a lawsuit against the company by alleging it of monopolizing the servicing business of its networking gears and equipments.

Peter Alfred was arrested in Canada, May last year. The charges brought against him include the likes of intentionally breaking into a protected computer system, and if proved guilty, he is likely to get a sentence of up to 10 years of imprisonment and a fine of $250,000.

He was granted bail though after 28 days of his arrest, but only under the condition that he would not leave Canada until any further instructions from the court.

On last Tuesday, Marilyn Sanford, the lawyer of Peter Alfred stated that the explanation mentioned in the letter by the complainant to the B.C. Supreme Court is completely “pathetic" and categorised the prosecutors arguments as "tortured" and "laughable".

According to a report by the IDG news, Sanford went a step ahead by saying that the charges brought against her client was a “'planned and deliberate' act by Cisco with the assistance from the US government. Cisco however has rubbished these allegations so far.