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Exclusive : BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Goes On Sale In UK

We can exclusively confirm that all three versions of the RIM BlackBerry tablet are available for sale in the UK for £499.95, £599.95 and £699.95 including delivery within two business days, from Simply Electronics.

We called the online retailer two hours ago and one of their call operators confirmed that there were indeed a dozen of PlayBook tablets in stock. The RIM tablet was only released yesterday in the United States and the Canadian manufacturer has yet to confirm when it will come to the UK, only saying you should register online to get more details.

Amongst other online retailers, both Expansys and Phones4U have confirmed that they will be selling the 7-inch tablet, but neither have published details about the pricing or exact availability date.

We therefore suspect that Simply Electronics might actually be getting its tablets from the US or Canada where the 16GB version costs $500, the 32GB, $600 and the 64GB version, $700.

It's hard to believe that the PlayBook was announced last September, more than seven months ago and was the first, back then, to come with a dual core system on chip based on the ARM Cortex A9 and clocked at 1GHz.

Back then, its 1GB onboard memory was four times that of the original iPad and many features like the dual full HD cameras were unheard of. Fast forward to the second quarter of 2011 and many products have already matched or surpassed the tablet's specifications although QNX is likely to remain exclusive to BB.