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Greenpeace Singles Apple Out Over Dirty Data Centre Power

Greenpeace has blasted Apple as the worst tech company on the planet because it uses a high proportion of 'dirty power' to run its data centres.

The Cupertino company came last in a league table of online outfits because its new data centre in Carolina uses enough power to run 80,000 homes, 62 per cent of which comes from coal and 32 per cent from nuclear, according to thinq_

Greenpeace didn't have access to any real figures from which to make their assumptions, as US companies are not legally obliged to supply such data, so they estimated them using 'publicly available information on investments made in data centres'.

The organisation's report, How Dirty is Your Data also offers estimates for other companies' reliance on coal, including Facebook at 53.2 per cent, IBM at 51.6 per cent, HP at 49.4 per cent, and Twitter at 42.5 per cent.

No mention was made of the fact that downloading a music CD rather than buying it from a shop, for example, saves as much as 80 per cent of the emissions produced.