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High Street Stores Break Embargo on Portal 2

A number of retailers have ignored an embargo on sales of highly-anticipated sci-fi puzzler Portal 2 after game delivery service Steam started selling the game a couple of days early.

Faced with a rush of people asking for refunds on their not-yet-available copies of the jumping through holes with a box game, so that they could download the game for the same price and start playing straight away, high street sellers have started shifting the game before the official Thursday launch.

According to thinq_ at least two major retailers have ignored the on-sale date in the face of stiff competition from Steam, which opened the download window early after gamers cracked cryptic clues left in a bunch of other games available from download and game-playing portal.

PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Mac versions of the popular game officially go on sale at midnight tonight, although we're sure a few bleary-eyed Steam users will probably have finished it by then.