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Intel-Micron Joint Venture Opens In Singapore

The Intel-Micron Technology joint venture has opened a $3 billion facility in the island state of Singapore.

The IM Flash facility will be responsible for producing NAND Flash memory chips, with the companies claiming that the unit will reach full functional capacity sometime in 2011. The facility is expected to contribute to 50 percent of IM Flash’s production targets.

The facility was supposed to be established back in December 2008 but was delayed for unspecified reasons. The companies were forced to axe 800 jobs as a part of the delay with earlier reports claiming that the plans for the facility might be scrapped entirely.

The company said that the decision to ‘hibernate’ investments in the manufacturing plant was ‘not a mistake’. IM Flash also said that about half the workers who had lost their jobs were back working at the plant, with the company fulfilling its promise to employ 1,200 workers by next month.

The facility is currently producing 3,000 wafers every week and the company hopes that it would reach its expected production capability of producing 100,000 wafers every month in some time.

The opening ceremony of the plant was attended by Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who said that foreign workers had given a boost to the country’s economy.