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Internet Address Gold Rush Is On The Cards As IPv4 Rarity Kicks In

With IPv4 Internet adresses becoming scarce, thinq_ has interviwed Axel Pawlik managing director of RIPE NCC the RIR that services Europe, and reports that there's growing evidence of a new net land grab as large companies snap up the few remaining addresses.

As Internet users finally realise the limitations of IPv4's address space, the hard work for regional internet registries (RIRs) is actually coming to an end. For years the five RIRs that service the globe have been pointing out the need to migrate to IP version 6 (IPv6) but with no more IPv4 addresses left, time is running out. And when it comes to clearing up the last available dregs, it seems that cash is king.

Last month Microsoft paid in the region of $75 million for 666,624 IPv4 addresses from bankrupt network firm Nortel. Microsoft isn't the first company or person to pay for IPv4 addresses but its decision to buy so many at a time when everyone knows IPv4 is on its way out, puts into sharp focus how companies believe that IPv6 deployment isn't ready to take the strain.