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iPad 2 Shipping Time Decreased To One To Two Weeks

The iPad 2 has faced high demand from day one, with shipping in many parts of the world sometimes taking more than one month. It seems that this problem is being dealt with as the shipping time has lowered to 1-2 weeks.

Initially, the shipping time change was applicable to Apple’s online stores in the United States, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, with longer periods expected for Europe and Asian markets.

As of now, Apple’s stores for European countries will have the same shipping period as in North American continent, in order to catch up with the pent-up demand.

Yesterday’s financial report showed that Apple has sold 4.69 million iPads, a number that was believed could be even bigger, according to a some reports done by market analysis firms.

Obviously, if Apple had managed to make more iPads to keep up with the demand, they would have been able to boast even more impressive sales figures. "We sold every iPad 2 we could make," Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer said.

We should expect larger numbers in the next quarter; Apple has seemingly managed to address the protracted shipping period, at least for the moment. Despite not fully maximising iPad sales, Apple has crushed the competition once again, declaring a net income of almost $6 billion.