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Judge Wants Google-Oracle Suit Decided By End Of November

The patent lawsuit between Oracle and Google could be decided before the end of November this year, a US district judge has said.

Judge William Alsup said at a hearing on Wednesday that he wanted to decide the outcome of the case before November ends as his law clerk is scheduled to end her term with him; Judges are assigned law clerks every year to assist them in going over cases.

The Oracle-Google lawsuit is so complex that the judge feels that it would take a lot of time for a new law clerk to go through the papers all over again. The lawsuit is set to go to a jury on October 31 so the judge would have to speed things up if the case has to be decided by the end of November.

Oracle had filed a lawsuit against Google, claiming that the search engine giant’s Android operating systems infringes on Java patents, which are owned by Oracle following the Sun Microsystems acquisition.

Scott Weingaertner, an attorney for Google also said at the hearing that the US Patents and Trademark Office had agreed to reexamine some of the patents cited by Oracle in the lawsuit, PC World (opens in new tab)reports.

"The patent office has granted reexamine requests on all the patents in this case," Weingaertner said.