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Late News: eBay Acquires Where, High Data Roaming Charges In UK, Twitter Under Attack, T-Mobile Confirms S2 Sales From June

Online auction and retail platform eBay has acquired location-based Smartphone app maker Where for $135 million. Where is a Boston based local and mobile commerce company that offers a local mobile discovery application of the same name and a location based mobile advertising network called Where Ads.

The patent lawsuit between Oracle and Google could be decided before the end of November this year, a US district judge has said. Judge William Alsup said at a hearing on Wednesday that he wanted to decide the outcome of the case before November ends as his law clerk is scheduled to end her term with him.

Data roaming charges for tablet devices like the iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab are 1,000 times more than what wireless carriers charge for local use in the UK. UK wireless carriers often fail to properly specify data roaming charges on their networks, especially for tablet PC devices.

Microblogging platform Twitter has been targeted by a new attack that has infected thousands of users and continues to spread virally, a security firm has warned. According to a post on security firm Sophos' Naked Security blog, Twitter users are falling victim to a rogue third party app that offers them a chance to see who has recently ‘unfollowed’ them.

Orange's Everything Everywhere partner, T-Mobile, has confirmed that it will sell the Samsung Galaxy S2 from June, giving all the other mobile phone networks - including 3 Mobile - a one month head start.