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Nintendo 3DS Price Drops to £175

The Nintendo 3DS console can now be purchased in either black or blue for as little as £175 from HMV including delivery and 18,000 pureHMV points which can be exchanged for some great gifts.

The popular gaming console was released back on the 25th of March and carried a suggested retail price of £230 at launch.

Amazon has also cut the price of the device to £180 but HMV wins the day, as customers can enter the code 5HMVOFF50 at the checkout for a £5 reduction (note the code is valid till the end of April).

The fact that sales of the Nintendo 3DS are not as spectacular as expected (the console is currently lingering at 88th place in Amazon's top 100 PC and Video Games items) may explain why the price has been cut further.

The main attraction of the 3DS is its ability to display 3D content without the need for special glasses, although the 3D effect is restricted most of the time to one user.

The 3DS is built around a new graphics processor which promises ground breaking graphics. It has two displays as well as three cameras, two of which can be combined to take 3D pictures.

Although there were some concerns over the 3D capabilities of the console and how it could affect younger players, sales have now reached more than 400,000 units according to the latest estimates.

After the announcement by Sony that it was retiring the PSPgo to focus on its next generation console, scheduled for the end of the year, Nintendo has the only current generation portable gaming device on the market, as newer smartphones - like the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play or the iPhone 4 - come with even more evolved gaming capabilities.