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Oracle Announces NetBeans 7.0 IDE With Java 7 Support

Technology major Oracle, has announced the release of its latest IDE (Integrated Developer Environment) named NetBeans 7.0. The release of NetBeans 7.0 has excited developers as it is designed to support Java 7, the next generation Java programming language. According to Duncan Mills, the senior director of product management at Oracle, NetBeans 7.0 is the first open source software that fully supports the new version of Java.

NetBeans 7.0 offers greater integration with major Oracle products like Oracle database, WebLogic database server and also other software development management tools like Git. According to Mills, Oracle is coming up with these changes to provide support for people who would help Java grow and who does not have any relation to Oracle at all.

The earlier versions of NetBeans have so far managed to register impressive level of downloads. With 550,000 downloads a month and between 800,000 and 900,000 active users it is one of the most used open source software till date. As per Mills, Java 7 is going to offer a better developer experience as it is more concise than the earlier versions.

NetBeans 7.0 will be bundled with a set of help tools to understand the basic concept and functioning of Java 7.0 and how developers can use it to improve a body of code. Moreover, Oracle has already announced the supply of patches and updates to NetBeans 7.0 to cover changes till it is finally ratified.