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PlayBook Beats iPad 2 In Repairability Test

After all the downbeat reviews that the BlackBerry PlayBook has been subject to, its time to put the spotlight on the aspects of RIM’s tablet that impress us. The iFixit team put PlayBook to a "repairability" test and it managed to score 7 out of 10, with 10 meaning “easiest to repair”. This is actually quite a good mark, as the iPad 2 only managed to score 4 out of 10.

During its investigations, iFixit discovered that the PlayBook’s teardown wasn’t that difficult, albeit its insides were hidden within the display, not in the back case, as in most of the tablets. "That's unfortunate from a repairability standpoint," said Miroslav Djuric, iFixit technical communication director. Also, in order to replace the battery, one has to remove the motherboard first.

The BlackBerry PlayBook is "well-sorted internally and the hardware RIM included is definitely nothing to scoff at. People who decide to take the PlayBook plunge can be reassured that they could replace their shattered glass with some elbow grease,” Djuric concluded.

During the deconstruction process, the iFixit team discovered that both the PlayBook and iPad have been assembled using typical Philips made screws. This also helps the repair process, as that type of screw seem to be easy to use and doesn’t jam.

Also, if you’re brave enough to perform “open surgery” on your PlayBook, you’ll discover that it has at least eight chips inside, made by Texas Instruments. This means that the American company cashes in with each PlayBook purchase.