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Price Of Apple iPhone 4 Falls To £460

With the Apple iPhone 5 almost within reach many customers may be reluctant to get the iPhone 4, but for those who still want to buy the SIM-free version of the smartphone, it is available at a discount from online retailer Simply Electronics.

The handset, which carries an official retail price of £510, is on sale for £460 with delivery (opens in new tab)and full Apple warranty; unlike the iPad, you don't lose out on the free engraving when buying from a third party.

The iPhone 4 is still a very solid contender, even if its price now makes it a rather expensive handset compared to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S2 which comes with a more powerful processor and a bigger screen.

That said, the iPhone 4 has the glorious retina display that no competitor has matched up till now, the iOS 4.3 that's exclusive to Apple, as well as the superb design that is still going strong nearly one year after launch.

We're still betting on the successor to the iPhone 4 being launched in June at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco. That said, the earthquake that struck Japan last month may have caused Apple to push its plans back.

Expect the iPhone 5 to come with a dual core system on chip, 1GB RAM, up to 64GB onboard storage (matching the iPod Touch), the same screen and form factor, a better camera, plus iOS 5.0.

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