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Study Reveals RIM Playbook Not Selling As Expected

Canada based Research In Motion's latest offering, Playbook tablet which was touted as a competitor to Apple’s iPad is not receiving the kind of attention the makers would have otherwise wanted.

According to study carried out by Reuters, the product which was released in Canada and US, seems to have a relatively low availability in stores and even then many of the devices are still unsold.

Many analysts argue that the Playbook is unlikely to make a dent into Apple’s preeminent position in the tablet market owing to its limited appeal in the personal user segment. It however may make some headway into the corporate user segment which is more open to offerings from the RIM stable.

Apart from the lukewarm response, the Playbook tablet seems to suffer from a technical glitch while attempting to sync with a Blackberry handset running on the AT&T network. It is important to note that the tablet does not include an email client or an instant messenger and such services are activated once it is tethered with a Blackberry handset. The issue, if not solved on an urgent basis, is likely to prevent many Blackberry users in the US from trying out the new device and further restrict its adoption.