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Supply Shortage Drives Rumors Of An iMac Upgrade

iMacs may be receiving a major hardware update, according to recent reports.

The rumors began when iMac supplies began to fall off and fresh requests for shipments were practically ignored by Apple. There is also a dwindling supply of hardware components, which leads some industry watchers to think that Apple is hoarding parts before the launch of their new line.

The timing of the update would also be in line with usual product life cycle of a desktop model.

Though the upgrade has yet to be confirmed, some analysts have speculated that the iMacs will get a faster processor, as well as Thunderbolt high speed data transfer technology, a first for iMac desktops.

But even if these rumors are true, the overall look and feel of the successful iMac series isn't expected to change significantly.

Apple has been characteristically tight-lipped about any upcoming changes; in the past they have given little to no warning before offering a new model. Apple users who are considering buying a new machine should probably wait until either the new model comes out or the rumors die down; buying a new iMac now puts you at risk of paying full price for a computer that is weeks away from being outdated.