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Survey Reveals Management Systems Can’t Keep Up With Virtualisation

A new survey has revealed that current IT management systems are incapable of keeping up with the ever-evolving virtualisation technology.

The ‘VMware Management with Enterprise Management Systems from the Big 5: Microsoft, HP, IBM, CA and BMC’ survey conducted by Veeam Software, involved inputs from more than 250 CIOs in US and Europe.

According to the survey, around 90 percent of the companies used Microsoft's System Centre, IBM Tivoli or HP OpenView to manage their corporate IT infrastructure but around 80 percent of these companies also deployed additional VMware virtualisation management tools as their IT management systems failed to offer the desired level of control.

An article on Server Watch pointed out, that two thirds of CIOs highlighted the importance of a single management interface that lets them manage multiple virtualisation deployments.

The inability of core IT management software offered by Microsoft, HP and IBM to manage virtualisation was preventing companies from utilising the full potential of virtualisation. The survey found that around 48 percent of the companies purchased virtualisation based on their ease of management rather than the functionality they had to offer.