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Ubuntu To Release New Distro, Natty Narwhal

Canonical has announced a new Ubuntu distribution nicknamed Natty Narwhal will be available for download on April 28 from

The launch of this new update will also come with the integrated Unity Service which was first introduced in the Netbook version of Ubuntu 10.10 released last October.

The Unity software's simple, pared down interface is similar to a smartphone or tablet OS. According to Ubuntu enthusiasts, the operating system's popularity on netbooks is primarily due to its high-end functionality on smaller screens.

The update improves the OS's search function, modeling it on popular internet search engines. Users will also receive improved touchscreen support, with gestures that magnify windows, manipulate programs and move from one workspace to another.

Natty Narwhal is a graphics intensive OS, so if a supported graphics card isn'y found the OS will automatically start an older Ubuntu distribution.

"This release breaks new ground for Ubuntu by offering users a PC experience that is stylish and efficient," Jane Silber- the Chief Executive of Canonical said in a statement to PC Mag (opens in new tab).

"With this release Ubuntu will recruit an entirely new wave of users to free software. Ubuntu 11.04 is a high watermark for what has been achieved with open-source technologies for the everyday computer user." she added.