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UK's IT Talent Seeking Employment Abroad

IT professionals in the UK might soon leave the country for better paying jobs and higher quality work oversees, a new survey warns.

According to a survey of 228 IT professionals conducted by IT recruitment firm The IT Job Board, around 67 percent of IT workers in the UK are planning to apply for jobs oversees, Computer Weekly reveals.

Around 71 percent of these dissatisfied IT professionals cite better quality of work as the reason for applying for jobs oversees while 68 percent believe that oversees jobs offer better salaries.

If this is the case then UK companies need to redouble their efforts to create high quality jobs and offer better salaries to local talent or lose them to companies in other nations. The survey comes as the UK government is planning to establish a Silicon Valley rival in the heart of London.

“At a time when we are suffering an IT skills shortage, we cannot afford to lose key talent. The onus lies with business managers to develop and nurture their employees and to make the UK's IT job market an attractive one to work in,” Alex Farrell, managing director at The IT Job Board, said in a statement.