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Washington Post Introduces The Trove, A Social-Media News-Aggregation Site

The Washington Post has unleashed a news aggregation platform that will tailor its results to users readin history.

The company said that users will also be able to link their Washington post accounts to their social networking accounts. The website, Trove, will use its own algorithm to determine users’ areas of interests based on their Facebook profiles using Facebook Connect.

Trove has been designed to offer a personalised news reading experience to users based on their likes and dislikes. Users will be able to subscribe to channels or topics of their choice and get daily updated news on the topics.

Trove will also feature a news of the day article selected daily by the editorial team, which will also create channels based on subjects and topics.

The platform, which has been available in private beta mode since February, is available on desktops and on Android and BlackBerry. The absence of iOS platform seems conspicuous.

“Trove offers a place of first resort for your news, whether it is information you want to know or should know. Because Trove is all about the individual user, the experience is customized and different for everyone,” Vijay Ravindran, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of The Washington Post Company, said in a statement.

At the time of this writing, the Trove homepage consisted of a small login screen and a large car advertisement, perhaps hinting at the Washington Post's motivation for designing the site.