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Will Honeycomb Tablets Be Powered By Intel?

According to a new report, the Honeycomb tablets powered by Intel are likely to hit the market in the third quarter of 2011.

While it is believed that almost all of the existing as well as upcoming Android 3.0 slates are powered by ARM based chipsets, Intel is rumoured to be joining forces with Google to come up with its own offerings. The deal upon being finalised is likely to result in the introduction of the new Atom powered Android tablets somewhere during the 3rd quarter of the running year.

According to rumours (opens in new tab), the chipset that Intel is planning on using in these devices, will be of the Oak trial type, or the even newer Cloverview model (which will eventually lead to a better energy efficiency along with a more stable battery life). Both these chips are inspired from the trademark Intel Atom Architecture.

With its tablet efforts focusing more on the Android platform, it is highly expected from the company that it’ll follow up by introducing its own trademark MeeGo OS to notebooks as well as to the smartbooks.

Intel however, has neither confirmed nor declined these rumours about the upcoming Atom Based Android tablets.

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