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AMNews: Facebook & Twitter Updates Might Lead To Burglary, Oldham School Violates DPA, Amazon Cloud “Bursts”

People announcing their holiday plans on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter are putting themselves at risks from thieves and burglars. A new study has found that thieves are scanning social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter to see which people in their area of operations are out on a holiday.

The Freehold Community School in Oldham violated the Data Protection Act when a teacher’s unencrypted laptop was stolen from the boot of the car. According to the Information Commissioner’s Officer, the laptop had contained personal details of 90 pupils of the school.

According to a new revelation made by the UK Government, it is likely to hand over the power to impose a penalty of up to £500,000 to the Information Commissioner’s Office in case of a violation of the new European Union regulations regarding Internet tracking cookies.

An outage in Amazon Web Service’s northern Virginia site, which handles EC2’s east coast operations, resulted in bringing down popular web services like Quora, Foursquare and Reddit. According to post on the Amazon Web Services dashboard, the unprecedented outage had resulted in delays and errors while connecting servers over a particular network, CNET explains.

Microsoft Corp’s Business Productivity Online Standard Suite has won federal certification; meaning that it is now legally attached to no barriers as far as offering its services to the US government is concerned.