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Android Tablets Could Take Advantage Of iPad 2 Supply Shortages

Many say that the iPad 2 is unbeatable on price, considering what it offers, and not only Apple’s management, but many others. However, Android-powered tablet makers are challenging this, as manufacturers are trying to push the price below $450 and possibly take advantage of the short supplies of the iPad 2.

Android tablets are undercutting the iPad 2 price by as much as $220. The ViewSonic G Tablet, Acer’s Iconia Tab A500 and Asus’s EeePad Transformer, form a trio that is on sale for cheaper than $450. You would think that these tablets may lack some basic features, but that’s not the case, as we see full flash support and powerful ARM dual core processors.

ViewSonic seems to be the most courageous market mover at this time, as they’re selling the G tablet on Amazon at an incredible price of $279, almost half the price of the iPad 2. Other tablet makers are also considering setting a cheaper price than the iPad 2, as a way to stimulate sales.

There may be some buyers who decide to give up on waiting for the iPad 2, and opt for a much cheaper Android tablet, saving money and getting a product that doesn’t differ too much, roughly speaking. If Android tablets can also manage to give their tablets the same "aura" that Apple seems to have created around its iPad, then we may possibly see many more Android tablet owners.