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Centrica Signs 12 Month Deal With SQS

UK utilities giant Centrica has signed an £8 million software testing contract with Software Quality Systems (SQS).

Under the year-long deal, SQS will test Centrica’s business critical software used to manage its key offerings including its smart meter programme.

Centrica, the owner of British Gas, will get access to SQS’s onshore and offshore software testing resources. SQS has software testing facilities in India and South Africa.

Earlier, Centrica had been hiring SQS on a project-by-project basis, but an all-out 12 month contract suggests that Centrica is not taking software testing lightly, especially when it comes to smart meter services, which come with a highly complicated billing system, leaving no room for error.

SQS will provide end-to-end testing, performance testing and other software testing services via automatic regression testing tools.

“As Centrica grows both organically and through acquisition, the IT capabilities and support we provide to allow them to do their jobs are critical,” David Bickerton, group CIO at Centrica said in a statement (opens in new tab).

“Therefore our desktop services, which increasingly involve adoption of mobile devices, become ever more critical to the efficient running of our business and the IT experience we provide our people,” he added.