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iPhone 5 Will be a "Global Device", Verizon CFO Remarks

Verizon’s CFO, Fran Shammo, may have inadvertently divulged some of Apple’s plans for the iPhone 5. Today, in the middle of a conference call with financial analysts related to Q1 results, Shammo let slip that the upcoming iPhone version will be a “global device” which could work on almost any carrier.

When asked about company’s current fluctuations, Verizon’s CFO mentioned: “The fluctuation, I believe, will come when a new device from Apple is launched, whenever that may be, and that we will be, on the first time, on equal footing with our competitors on a new phone hitting the market, which will also be a global device.”

As you probably know, the Verzion version for iPhone 4 is based on the CDMA technology, which doesn’t have such a broad support by carriers around the world as the GSM standard does. The GSM technology is used in the AT&T version.

During a conversation with Qualcomm’s VP, Enrico Salvatori, we previously reported that there will be no dedicated Verizon iPhone 5 handset coming in June because Apple will almost certainly opt for a multimode baseband module to improve time to market and reduce costs.

At this moment, most probably, there are tense discussions between Apple and Verizon, regardless of whether this 'leaked' information is true or false.