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Google Doodle Celebrates Earth Day

Search engine giant Google has celebrated the 41st Earth Day with a new Doodle on its homepage.

The Google homepage, which previously carried doodles dedicated to everyone from Scooby Doo to Charlie Chaplin, featured a new animated doodle that represented the flora, fauna and natural resources on the planet.

The third Google Doodle in over a week, the doodle is a visual delight with users triggering several actions when they hover their mouse on a particular part of the doodle.

The ‘G’ in Google is flanked by two giant Pandas which fall laughing when the mouse hovers over them. A bird flies out of tree next to the ‘O’ while a lion roars nearby. The doodle also features a pair of penguins which are seen diving into the water. There is also a waterfall, which sees a fish climbing it before it is snapped by a looming grizzly bear.

Among all this, Google also found room for a frog, which leaps across the landscape from time to time.

This year’s Earth Day, so vividly celebrated by Google, as “A billion acts of green” as its theme, designed to encourage people to do environment friendly acts that might just help save the earth from the rampant pollution and abuse by mankind.