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Hacker Pleads Guilty To Over $36 Million In Fraud

An American hacker accused of committing credit card fraud and identity theft of around $36 million has pled guilty, the US Department of Justice revealed.

Rogelio Hackett Jr. now faces up to 10 years in prison for committing credit card fraud and theft and an additional two years for identity theft, sources (opens in new tab) revealed.

Law enforcement agencies had discovered more than 676,000 stolen credit card numbers on email accounts and computer systems belonging to Hackett in June 2009.

Hackett used the credit cards, stolen from companies or purchased from other hackers, to performs thousands of illegal transactions amounting to $36.6 million. He has also made around $100,000 from online identity thefts.

The man was caught after Secret Service agents purchased 1,000 credit numbers from Hackett for $1,180.

Hackett, who has been dabbling in credit card trafficking since 2002, used to procure credit card numbers by either hacking into the computers of financial firms or by purchasing them from hackers in dubious online forums. Court documents also revealed that Hackett had managed to steal 359,000 credit card numbers from an online ticketing company in August 2007.