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iPhone 4 With A5 Processor Offered To Gaming Developers

Apple is giving game developers an enhanced iPhone 4, with a "borrowed" A5 processor from the iPad 2. The iPhone model offered for game testing is otherwise almost identical to the iPhone 4, the developers have called it the “iPhone 4S”, 9to5Mac (opens in new tab) reports, having been informed by an anonymous source.

Recent rumours suggest that the iPhone 5 could feature the A5 processor from Qualcomm. It seems that Apple is already testing to see how the gaming performance of an iPhone 4 loaded with a suped-up kernel improves.

As previously thought, Apple isn’t going to completely remodel the iPhone but rather improve it under the bonnet. Therefore, exchanging the A4 for the uber-fast A5 will certainly improve the iPhone's speed. What gaming developers have in their hands right now isn’t the iPhone 5, that’s for sure; besides the A5 processor, we should expect at least an 8MP camera and possibly a double internal storage, up to 64 GB. Recent reports suggest that the iPhone 5 could hit the shelves in september this year.

More details about Apple’s plans in the gaming sector could be revealed at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. If Apple decides to repeat its previous years double release: iOS + improved version of the iPhone, then we won’t have to wait longer than late summer or early autumn.


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