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Noon News: American Hackers Pleads Guilty, AT&T Explains T-Mobile Buyout, TalkTalk Most Complained About

AT&T is presenting arguments for why it should be allowed to acquire T-Mobile, a move that some fear would make AT&T too large, hurting consumers. One of AT&T's major points has been that the company is heading towards a structural dead-end where it will fall victim to a severe capacity restriction, affecting its stake in the telecom market badly.

An American hacker accused of committing credit card fraud and identity theft of around $36 million has pled guilty, the US Department of Justice revealed. Rogelio Hackett Jr. now faces up to 10 years in prison for committing credit card fraud and theft and an additional two years for identity theft, sources revealed.

The game development and entertainment firm Cohort Studio is closing down, the company announced. According to the company, this development is the outcome of consistently declining demand for console games in the market.

Telecom firm TalkTalk has been labelled the most complained about landline and broadband service provider in the UK. According to new metrics released by UK regulator Ofcom, the company’s landline and broadband customers were an angry, dissatisfied lot, tired of phantom bills and poor customer service.

UK men are worried about the amount of porn they watch online every day, a new survey has revealed. The online survey, which was conducted by BBC Newsbeat and the Portman Clinic, involved inputs from 1,057 18-24 year olds.