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Oldham School Violates DPA, No Monetary Fine Levied

The Freehold Community School in Oldham violated the Data Protection Act when a teacher’s unencrypted laptop was stolen from the boot of the car.

According to the Information Commissioner’s Officer, the laptop had contained personal details of 90 pupils of the school.

The laptop was stolen from the boot of the car when it was parked at home, thereby breaking the data protection rules laid down by the ICO. The laptop contained names and even date of birth of 90 students.

The school has been claiming that it was not aware that data stored on laptops needed to be encrypted with the ICO admitting that laws for keeping storage devices in cars parked outside school premises were not strong enough, ITPro (opens in new tab) reveals.

“The fact that the school was unaware of the need to encrypt the information stored on their laptop shows that many organisations continue to process personal information without having the most basic of security measures in place.” the ICO’s acting head of enforcement Sally-Anne Poole said in a statement.

The ICO also said that it was not imposing any monetary fine on the school as the incident did not meet the criteria.

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