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TalkTalk Britain's Most Complained About Service Provider

Telecom firm TalkTalk has been labeled the most complained about landline and broadband service provider in the UK.

According to new metrics released by UK regulator Ofcom, the company’s landline and broadband customers were an angry, dissatisfied lot, tired of phantom bills and poor customer service.

Ofcom said that it receives 450 complaints every day from customers of all telecom firms in the UK, ranging from incorrect bills to mis-representation of packages.

Among firms offering home phones, TalkTalk was ranked the worst with 1.78 complaints per 1,000 customers while Virgin Media’s home phone services had the fewest complaints with 0.21 complaints per 1,000 customers.

TalkTalk also received the most complaints for its broadband services with 1.27 complaints per 1,000 customers. Virgin Media had the least number of complaints in the broadband segment as well, with 0.20 complaints per 1,000 customers.

“Consumers should have access to as much information as possible to allow them to choose between providers and to take full advantage of the competition in the sector. By publishing complaints data, Ofcom aims to provide useful information to consumers, and also to give telecoms providers an incentive to improve their customer service,” Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards, said in a statement (opens in new tab).