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UK Government Imposes £500,000 Fine On Violation Of Internet Tracking Cookie Regulations

According to a new revelation made by the UK Government, it is likely to hand over the power to impose a penalty of up to £500,000 to the Information Commissioner’s Office in case of a violation of the new European Union regulations regarding Internet tracking cookies.

The new guidelines state that website must have the permission of the users before installing, or accessing cookies, which are small text files that can be used for tracking a user’s online activities, in their browsers.

Multiple leading companies including AOL, Google, Microsoft, The Guardian amongst many other have reportedly embraced these regulations, likely to be effective from the coming May 25th .

Ed Vaizey, the communications minister in the UK Government said in a recent statement: “We recognise that work on the technical solutions for cookie use will not be complete by the implementation deadline”.

He added, “Therefore, we do not expect the ICO to take enforcement action in the short term against businesses and organisations as they work out how to address their use of cookies”.

The government also said that the Information Commissioner’s Office will offer its full assistance by showing businesses in what manner they will be enforcing the new guidelines.