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iPhone And iPad Still On Top For Enterprise Clients

Good Technology, a leader in multiplatform enterprise mobility, has divulged that most of their corporate partners choose Verizon and AT&T iPhones rather than Android smartphones.

On Friday, Good Technology, a company that has 40 corporate customers from the Fortune 100, revealed data about their clients' phone and tablet activations in Q1. This report contains information on a very large number of smartphone users, therefore it has a lot credibility and one can understand how the enterprise mobile market is moving.

Near the end of last year, Good reported that Android phones were starting to catch up with iPhone, in terms of activation numbers, but it would seem that the iPhone is re-establishing its lead, after becoming available on Verizon.

After Q1, Android is said to have registered a loss of 30% in new activations. iOS devices (including the iPad), accounted for almost 70% of Good’s customers' new activations, with the iPhone alone having a 62% share in the smartphone field.

This resurgence could stop when the novelty of the new Verizon iPhone and the discounted 3GS pricing from AT&T wears off. When that happens, Android could once again make ground on iOS in terms of smartphone activations. Unfortunately for Android powered tablets, they only accounted for 1% of the total tablet activations.