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PlayStation Network hit by 'external intrusion'

Sony has finally got around to admitting that an 'external intrusion' brought down its PlayStation Network and Qriocity services.

On its blog, Sony said that following the "intrusion" it shut down the services itself on "the evening of Wednesday April 20th" in order to " conduct a thorough investigation and to verify the smooth and secure operation of our network services going forward".

The outfit added: "We are doing all we can to resolve this situation quickly, and we once again thank you for your patience. We will continue to update you promptly as we have additional information to share."

Speculation as to what actually happened is still rife. Lead suspect for what may have been a denial of service attack, headless mischief maker Anonymous, has denied it had anything to do with it.

In a posting under the title "For Once We Didn't Do It" AnonOps speaking on behalf of the gaggle of geeks said: "While it could be the case that other Anons have acted by themselves AnonOps was not related to this incident and takes no responsibility (sic) for it.

"A more likely explanation," they say "is that Sony is taking advantage of Anonymous' previous ill-will towards the company to distract users from the fact the outage is actually an internal problem with the companies servers"

Or could it be that an even more anonymous outfit than Anonymous is responsible?

Sony previously blamed the outage on "maintenance": That post has since been disappeared and replaced by a missive stating that the outage would last "day or two" - a timescale that has since expired.

The PlayStation Network has over 70 million users many of whom have been bombarding our previous stories on the outage with outrageous comments. Those with a solid constitution can read those here and here.