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Sonic And Mario Team-Up At The Olympics

Video game maker Sega is preparing to launch a Mario and Sonic title based on next year’s London Olympics.

The company confirmed that it had taken the necessary permissions from the International Olympic Committee's interactive entertainment licensee Sports Multimedia (ISM), MCV reveals.

The game, titled, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, will be available for both Nintendo Wii and 3DS. Sega, however, failed to announce a definitive launch date for the game.

The third Mario and Sonic title in the making, the game will feature Olympic events like football, equestrian, athletics, aquatics and table tennis and will also feature a set of Dream Events which will take place in Mario’s and Sonic’s worlds.

“Mario and Sonic have had a phenomenally successful partnership and we are extremely proud to be able to recreate this once again with Nintendo and ISM for the London 2012 Olympic Games” Sega's American and European chairman Naoya Tsurumi said in a statement.

“It is truly exciting to be in the position to develop interactive entertainment software titles based on the Olympic Games, and for Sonic and Mario to once again be a part of this historic event,” he added.